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Information about the logging of Victoria's forests to make paper products such as Reflex by Nippon Paper and their 'subsidiary' Australian Paper.

Feb 13 2014: Fires Give Maryvale a Big Scare

October 12 2012: Nippon Paper To Build $90m Recycled Paper Plant In Maryvale

September 12 2011: Just 1% of Central Highlands Old Growth Survives

August 23 2011: Reflex Paper Loses Green Tick of Approval After Native Timber Stoush

July - August 2011: Sylvia Creek Blockade

Kick Reflex out of Native Forests - Boycott Woodchipping Campaign Launch 27th Feb 2010

Boycott Reflex Copy Paper Campaign Launched.

Maryvale Mill Action February 27 2010 (left). Collingwood Officeworks Action August 5 2010 (right)

June 19 2009: Protesters march on College Creek demanding a halt to logging national site of conservation significance.

New Information on Logging of Melbourne's Water Supply

March 29 2009: Melbourne Age. Conservationists Slam Logging Backflip

March 18 2009: $600 million blow from timber losses

Hundreds of Strzelecki Koalas now victims of February 2009 Bushfires. Nippon are buying logs from Hancock Victorian Plantations who are gutting key koala habitat. Where will the survivors be released to? More images here.

Feb 17 2009: Nippon buys into Logging Controversy

Feb 09: ~25% Maryvale's hardwood plantation pulpwood goes up in flames (Strzelecki Fires).

Information on Nippon Paper

Feb 13 2009: Hancock (FSC supplier to Maryvale) starts logging site of National Conservation Significance at College Creek

Sacrificing the environments of Victoria's Central Highlands, Strzelecki Ranges, Central Gippsland and Gippsland Lakes, as well as environments of Northern Tasmania.

June 2008: Wilderness Society and Victorian National ParksAssociation Used as Corporate Patsies in $5.5 million Strzelecki Rainforest Destruction Deal

Two images of the Strzelecki Ranges Cores and Links Rainforest Reserve. The second image shows what will happen to the Reserve after being logged by Hancock Victorian Plantations largely to supply Maryvale Pulp Mill. 70%+ of the logs coming from the Reserve will end up being pulped for products such as Reflex Copy Paper.

May 31 2008: Strzelecki Rainforest Reserve to be gutted to supply Maryvale Pulp Mill with pulpwood for only two years

May 08: International based website highlights Strzelecki Rainforest Sham

Mar 07: F.S.C. Watch article

Reflex Copy Paper gains Forest Stewardship Council Mixed Sources Certification in July 06, but the certification totally ignores the Central Highlands native forest sources that are currently feeding the Maryale Pulp Mill.

Strzelecki Koala facing extinction? See here for Friends of the Earth report.

July 2005; PaperlinX propose to rebuild bleached pulp facility at Maryvale. PaperlinX's logging of native forest to increase by almost 50% (200,000 m3) to meet new demand. 22,800 ha gross hardwood plantations needed to meet new demand for pulp facility. New plantations won't be ready until 2019. see here for application to Federal Government.

Baw Baw Frog Emergency

Clearfell logging in Armstrong Creek - Melbourne's water catchment. Woodchips for Reflex photocopy paper? 2000