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July 2014: Victorian Koala Issues, Plantations and Forest Stewardship Council Certification

Boycott Woodchipping Campaign Re-Launch 27th Feb 2010 (image below).

September 12 2011: Just 1% of Central Highlands Old Growth Survives

August 23 2011: Reflex Paper Loses Green Tick of Approval After Native Timber Stoush

March 29 2009: Melbourne Age. Conservationists Slam Logging Backflip

Feb 17 2009: Nippon Paper Buys Maryvale Mill

June 2008: Wilderness Society and Victorian National Parks Association Used as Corporate Patsies in $5.5 million Strzelecki Rainforest Destruction Deal

Two images of the Strzelecki Ranges Cores and Links Rainforest Reserve. The second image shows what will happen to the Reserve after being logged by Hancock Victorian Plantations largely to supply Maryvale Pulp Mill. 70%+ of the logs coming from the Reserve will end up being pulped for products such as Reflex Copy Paper.

Reflex Copy Paper gains Forest Stewardship Council Mixed Sources Certification in July 06, but the certification totally ignores the native forest sources that are currently feeding the Maryale Pulp Mill.

For all your printing needs try Black Rainbow


Strzelecki Koala facing extinction? See here for Friends of the Earth report.

Copy Papers: Recycled

The bookshop at Friends of the Earth Melbourne stock a selection of recycled paper including Evolve. To purchase paper from them phone (03) 9419 8700 and ask for the bookshop or email us. The FoE shop is at 312 Smith St. Collingwood.

The number of *'s is a measure of the product's environmental friendliness. Genuine recycled copy paper is not re-bleached, hence is off-white in colour.

1. **** EVOLVE

Evolve is probably the best environmentally friendly paper currently available in Australia.

It can be purchased in both A4 and A3 paper types. Prices for A4 start as low as $7.90 a reem (FoE price, cheaper if you're a member).

Also available at SCRAP is an independent non-profit organisation that deserves your support. ph: (02) 9825 1062 Fax: (02) 9825 6972 Email:

Sold in 5 reem cartons. Pulp: Evolve Office contains 100% recycled Fibre. Recycled Fibre is manufactured at M-real New Thames Recycled Fibre Plant - a high quality fibre recovered from post consumer waste. The Process is TCF (totally chlorine free).

2. ****Fuji Xerox Recycled Supreme

100% post consumer waste A4 $6.93 per reem and A3 $18.35 per reem.

For more information on Fuji Xerox Supreme click here

3. **** OfficeWorks 100% Recycled

Claimed to be 100% post consumer waste $34.95 a carton ($7.29 a reem)

4. *** Steinbeis Vision - Pure White

See here for more details. 100% recycled

Also known as Canon 100. 100% recycled, of which approximately 50% is post consumer waste. Made in Austria at the environmentally impressive Neusiedler mill. Archival quality of 100 plus years. Recommended for black and white double or single sided photocopiers and office printers.
· S.C.R.A.P. (02) 9825 1062
· Canon 13 13 93
· A. Moir & Co. 1800 252 669
· Longbottom Paper (02) 9533 5911
Friends of The Earth. (03) 9419 8700

**Reflex 100% Recycled White

Made by PaperlinX (now Nippon Paper). Sourced primarily from recycled office paper from Melbourne and Sydney and pre-consumer waste sourced from printing and paper converting plants. A portion of the paper's virgin fibre is sourced from radiata pine plantations managed by Hancock Victorian Plantations. Please note that the source of the pre-consumer waste is likely to be native forests.


Sourced from European softwood sawmill waste (38%) and "hardwood (birch) forest regrowth" (47%) with 15% other products. Produced at the environmentally impressive Neusiedler mill in Austria. Totally chlorine free.
· S.C.R.A.P. (02) 9825 1062
· Canon 13 13 93
· Danka 1300 787 871
White Copy Papers
These are made largely from plantation pulp. The exact source of a proportion of the pulp may be unknown. Suitable for all applications.

Also known as MoDo. Approximately 70% Swedish plantation fibre and 30% mixed fibre, mostly plantation based. Elemental Chlorine free. Comes in A4 and A3.
· Angleton's (03) 9419 5855
· Blackburn's (03) 9417 6966
· W C Penfolds (03) 9650 5035
(08) 8232 7200
(02) 9233 5777
(07) 3221 4100
· Blue Star Office (03) 9646 2227

100% sourced from eucalypt plantations near Sao Paulo, Brazil - 2000 km south of the Amazon. Elemental chlorine free.
· Danka (03) 9924 8585
1300 787 871
Also known as Blue Wrap. Sourced from European softwood sawmill waste (26%) eucalyptus plantations (47%), northern "mixed hardwood regrowth" (27%). Produced at the environmentally impressive Neusiedler mill in Austria. Totally chlorine free.
· Danka (03) 9924 8585
1300 787 871
Printing Papers: Genuine Recycled

"Offset quality." 100% post consumer waste, made in Denmark, archival quality, comes in A4 and A3, can be used for photocopiers, but is highly recommended for printing of annual reports, letterhead and newsletters by commercial printers.
· K.W. Doggett (03) 9450 2222
(07) 3260 1588
· Jaeger Fine Papers (02) 9938 3444

(08) 8447 1377
(07) 3390 8444
(02) 9681 0555
(08) 9240 2222
100% post consumer waste. Not photocopy paper. Made in Australia by Visy, used mainly by printers. Comes in off-white and brown. Also sold as Botany Brown. Available in a variety of weights.
· Premier Paper (03) 9416 8188
· Raleigh Paper (marketed as Botany paper)
(03) 9558 0500
(07) 3865 2425
(02) 9743 1255
(02) 6280 1870

Printing Papers: Alternative Fibre

Sourced from 80% sugar cane bagasse and 20% eucalypt plantation fibre; chlorine bleached. Made in Sth Africa. Not photocopy paper. Harvest is a coated printing paper and comes in matt, gloss and a variety of weights. Available from:
· Raleigh Paper (see above)

Click here for more info. on paper
What's wrong with Reflex?

Sadly, there is only one Australian copy paper maker - Nippon Paper - and Nippon Paper doesn't make office papers that are environmentally responsible.

Their flagship brand Reflex is sourced from the destruction of our native forests. This is unacceptable in a continent that has only 5% native forest cover and has seen 60% of its native forests cleared since Europeans arrived.

Nippon Paper also sells Reflex under other labels: Oz Copy, Optix, Copyright and Australian Paper.

Nippon Paper's "recycled" brands Renew and Oz Copy Green are not genuine recycled papers. Their pulp has never been used by consumers. Rather, they are sourced from printers' offcuts and similar waste, so it's mostly sourced direct from native forest destruction, like Reflex.

Fujixerox's brand Greenwrap is 10% post-consumer waste, 40% pre-consumer waste (directly sourced from forest destruction), 10% cotton linters, and 40% plantation fibre from Thailand, Brazil, Indonesia and Canada.
All of Paperlinx/Amcor's copy papers use a chlorine bleaching process with discharge of toxic organochlorines into the environment.

To help save our native forests, please avoid all of the above office papers until the day that Nippon Paper decides to produce them from genuine recycled and/or plantation pulp.
Important information

"Genuine Recycled" paper is 100% made from post-consumer waste. It has been used at least once by consumers, collected and reconverted to pulp to make paper again.

Price varies according to size of order. Ring around.

To the best of our knowledge, the information in the brochure is correct at the date of publication, 1st July 2006.
White photocopy papers are the subject of ongoing research.

For More Information

Boycott Woodchip Campaign, PO Box 2461, Fitzroy VIC 3065. Ph (03) 9419 8700 or any environment group named below.

We would like to keep a record of individuals, community groups or companies who have decided to change papers; please inform us.

For more detailed background information and information on a greater range of office papers, refer to our brochure Must We Pulp Our Native Forests to Make Paper?

Beware of Other ex PaperlinX subsidiaries;

Spicers Paper, Spicers Office Paper, Dalton Paper, Dalton Web Papers, Southern Cross Converting, The Tudor Group, PaperlinX Paper Trading

This campaign is supported by: Friends of the Earth (Aust), The Wilderness Society, Environment Victoria, Native Forest Network, Otway Ranges Environment Network, Conservation Council of South Australia, Rainforest Information Centre, Australian Greens Senator Bob Brown, Nature Conservation Council of NSW, Total Environment Centre, Concerned Residents of East Gippsland, Wainwrights Tree, Coastcare, Goongerah Environment Centre, Australian Democrats, North East Conservation Alliance, Australian Greens (VIC), Tarkine National Coalition, Launceston Environment Centre, Sunshine Coast Environment Council, National Union of Students, Big Scrub Environment Centre, Earth Repair Foundation, Wombat Forest Society, South East Forest Conservation Council, Bega Environment Network Centre, National Parks Association - Far Sth Coast, School Communities Recycling All Paper. Is Your Paper Environmentally Friendly?

Buyer's Guide to Alternative Office Papers
· Over half of our native forests have been cleared since European settlement.
· Those remaining are fast disappearing, largely to make paper.
· In Victoria alone, around 15,000 hectares of public native forest are clearfelled each year. This is equivalent to 20 football fields cleared every day.This brochure is a guide to office papers that are sourced from recycled and/or plantation pulp.